Book Haul #21: A Book Nerd Adventure

I went BOOK SHOPPING!!! 😀 And yes, I told myself I wouldn’t. I keep telling myself that. I really should stop saying so because, obviously, it’s not helping. But I am getting a little worried about all this book buying because, again, I’m sitting here facing overcrowded bookshelves. My poor books!

Anyways, on Friday I went to a Barnes & Noble. I had coupons. Two of them, actually, and I felt pretty proud of myself. I had two books in mind that I really wanted to get but instead I left with three.

bookhaul 13-1

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Sharing My Instagram Pics: Transportation and Travel

pirate ship, train, horse...
pirate ship, train, horse…

I saw these wrought iron sculptures while travelling yesterday. I’ve never paid them much attention before, thinking they were just some iron bars that were supporting the beams at the bus stop. But since I had some time, my eyes drifted around and stared at them until I realized that they were sculptures. They portray different modes of transportation and travel.

See them individually on my Instagram.