“You” by Caroline Kepnes

YouThis one blew my mind and corrupted it. And it didn’t help that I read The Phantom Tollbooth around the time I read You, not that they’re the same since one is a children’s fantasy novel and the other is a psychological thriller but they both are so mind-boggling that together they will twist your thoughts leaving you lost without your inner voice because whenever you think of something, it will be in the vein of one of these books. Maybe it’s just me who gets so affected by reading these two books at once but even so, I don’t recommend it.

Quick summary:

A guy meets a girl and stalks her.

My thoughts:

Sorry, I can’t do better than that. You can visit the Goodreads page to find out more but it is hard to summarize this book without giving anything away. Shit, it’s hard to summarize it while giving away spoilers. But one thing’s for sure — the story is damn good. Bits of the story will come out as I discuss my thoughts so be wary. There will be spoilers. It you’d rather avoid them, you can just jump to the Overall section below.

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