New BFF: Zeezee with Books

I was featured on Inge’s blog, the Belgian Reviewer, in one of her BFF posts. Check it out! 😝

The Belgian Reviewer


Ready to meet another blog friend of mine ? I’m really happy to welcome Anais @ Zeezee with Books today on my blog. She’s a real Potterhead, and if you don’t know that yet I don’t know how you missed it ;-), but also loves fantasy and comics. She’s received 21 awards already, she loves quotes and if you are looking for inspiration you can find them here, she listens to audiobooks… hates vegetables, loves tea, her fave celeb is Joe Manganiello (because of the Magic Mike scene) and has a silly sense of humour (her words, not mine to be clear). But I’m giving too much away already, I’ll let you find out the rest by yourself:


Name:Anais, but I go by Zezee on here

Age:28, but I keep forgetting. I had to double-check my ID.

What did you study or do you study now /…

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